Design & development

At our core, we believe that innovation is not created in a vacuum. So naturally, our designers and developers seamlessly work side by side. We believe in making prototypes to give our testers a front row seat to what could become the end product. With early testing we can test out multiple ideas and increase the probability of success. This also saves time when going into development as up until this point, designers and developers are working side by side, ironing out the details and quality assuring the product every step of the way.


Design sprints
& workshops

At Itch, we are passionate about methods that help facilitate innovation and help spark a creative fuse. One of our preferred tools is the Design Sprint model created by Google. It has a long track record of success and is well documented. Itch has several trained facilitators for conducting Design Sprints. We have found that this method works well for larger projects and we can help you facilitates 3 or 5-day sprints. It helps your business or team to get tested results in less than a week.


Visual identity

We love branding, and we know that end-users love brands that deliver quality services, says the right things and all in all looks stellar. Because you can't simply talk the talk, you need to walk it too. We will analyze your market, find your strengths and make you stand out from your competitors. We will help you define what you want to be and more importantly what you need to do to get there.


Service design

We use service design to create seamless and unique user experiences. Using a holistic approach we can identify touch points where customers and organizations meet and craft innovative and engaging solutions that both enrich and improve your user's lives.

Our approach is that to create a seamless experience for the user, design has to be more than just the look and feel, we take on the whole journey, from the first meeting to how user should feel after they finished.


Acando x Itch

Itch is a part of the Acando group. Acando continues its endeavors with creating great user experiences and business development, that started with Itch Sweden roughly two years ago. By building a team consisting of Acando, itch, Daytona and Transformator Design, we form one of the strongest constellations in northern Europe, within strategy, design, technology, innovation, transformation and communication.