Itch Design Sprint tvOS app - a tool that helps you innovate and create amazing experiences in no time.

What is design sprint?

Preparing and facilitating workshops can be both daunting and overwhelming. We wanted to make the preparations easier, more collaborative and more streamlined. We set out to make the workshop experience more engaging and fun.

We created an tvOS app which talks to a backend that provides all the necessary information to run a design sprint. With the Apple TV remote, you now have full control over your design sprints. Navigating through design sprints, setting and starting timers is now a breeze.

How was it built? is a headless CMS which does what their catch phrase implies. Leveraging from the vast variety of functionality that Sanity provides, we could implement features like real-time content updates in the app, seamless image uploading and offer content collaboration.All this while keeping the applications internal logic simple and the data model layer clean.

We believe

For something to be truly astonishing, it needs to be more than pretty pixels, it needs to shine from the inside and out, including the parts that the user never sees.

Combining simple application logic, a well-structured backend, and beautiful app design, we ended up with a solution that made publishing new design sprints easy as pie and running them is even easier.

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