Did you know that every 2nd woman and every 4th man some time in their life suffers from osteoporosis?

You can actually prevent osteoporosis with some small lifestyle alterations.

Neither did we! 

But when our friends Anton and Peder at Boneprox told us, we immediately wanted to help.

Anton's grandfather, Kjell, actually made the discovery that you could analyse x-rays of the jaw bone and conclude whether a patient had osteoporosis. Kjell was a dentist himself, and at the age of 70, he decided that it was time to commercialise his patent. The mission was passed on to his grandson who asked us to tag along for the ride.

Together we created a reward winning AI-platform that not only tells you whether or not you are suffering from osteoporosis, but also tells you whether you have a likelihood of suffering from osteoporosis. So now, next time somebody puts a block of lead into your mouth and snaps a picture of your pretty jaw bone, remember to ask them for a Boneprox.

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