Enlightning students with the importance of saving energy in a fun and motivating way.

Belys is an tvOS app for Telemark Fylkeskommune made for sharing information about the school's power consumption. Creating engagement and motivation to the audience participating in saving energy.


The gamification idea is based on an "energy saving competition" between the different schools in Telemark. We designed and animated graphs and created playful illustrations for a dynamic and eye catching tone of voice.  

Enlighting Telemark about energy

Kilowatt can be a little difficult to understand. We wanted to explain KhW to students in an easy and fun way. We compared the power consumption to something you can relate to, like "4000 kWh is the same as playing playstation for an hour". This way students get a better understanding of how much energy that is actually being consumed in their schools.


Sanity.io is a headless CMS which does what their catch phrase implies. Leveraging from the vast variety of functionality that Sanity provides, we could implement features like real-time content updates in the app, seamless image uploading and offer content collaboration. All this while keeping the applications internal logic simple and the data model layer clean.

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