Google Design Sprint
Leger Uten Grenser



Leger Uten Grenser/Doctors Without Borders Norway offer mentors to expats assigned coordinator positions for the first time. The process of finding a right match for the mentees is time-consuming and demands a lot of resources. Itch Design assisted Leger Uten Grenser with running a 3-days sprint. The purpose of the sprint was to explore how to make the matching process more efficient while still maintaining the quality of the mentor matching.

How can we design a timely and efficient matching process that has the mentee at its center and activates them?

Day 1.JPG


First step is to understand the challenge. To set the foundation for the work developing a prototype ready for testing we gathered insights on what we were trying to solve. Together as a team we mapped out the mentor matching process as it is today, through expert interviews and sketches of the expats' user journey.



After mapping out the problem, we were able to identify opportunities we could create solutions to. With Itch's expertise within technology as well as design processes, Itch contributed with inspiration, presenting examples on uses of technology that could be applied to solving the challenge.

While it was easy to sketch ideas, it was far more challenging to choose between the ideas and decide what we wanted to create. The scope was dependent on the time we had to create a high-fidelity looking testable prototype, which is very limited in a 3-days sprint. We managed to have quick decision processes, using the sprint process principles, with silent voting  and having a Decision Maker whenever there was a tie.



In this sprint we decided on creating a mockup. The key to efficiently build a prototype in a sprint is to delegate smart. Each participant contributed to the prototype, so that within a day we had a working prototype we could test.

For the testing we wanted to answer if the expats would use the concept we had created. The results from the tests showed that the users was positive to the concept and that the mockup was a step into the right direction.

Conclusion from the sprint is that though not all questions was answered, it provided great insight into the whole matchmaking process in Leger Uten Grenser and a foundation to develop further.


"A real eye-opener about creativity in teams and getting some results"

Team participant