Making Emergency First-Aid Tools Intuitive, Intelligent & Inclusive.
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Emergency First-Aid Tools are primarily designed keeping Medical and Military Personnel solely in mind. Aristeia aims to change that. Creating Emergency Tourniquets that enable an even a regular citizen to save victims from excessive bleeding. It was important to create an Identity that reflects the product’s simplicity, intelligence and ease of use.

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The Identity´s Mark  draws inspiration from the simple ´Pull & Squeeze´ mechanism of the Tourniquet.

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A Brand Identity that is simple but holds a relevant connection to Aristeia Tourniquet. A simple arrangement of shapes that echo the product’s simplicity. The colours aim to provide a sense of care while maintaining a bold demeanour. The typography marries humane characteristics with technological precision: Precisely mirroring the brand’s core values. The identity is further translated into digital as well as print touch points.

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